At first glance, a garage door seems simple enough to install by yourself or with friends. However, overhead door installation is more challenging and dangerous than most people realize. If you are thinking about replacing your existing overhead door or are installing one in a new construction, here are four reasons you should hire an expert.

4 Reasons You Need a Professional for an Overhead Door Installation

1. Safety

Overhead door installation in Cody, WY is a dangerous job. The first reason that you should hire a professional is for your safety and the safety of your property. In the United States, garage doors cause roughly 30,000 injuries annually. The weight of the garage door by itself is enough to cause severe injury and damage.

In addition to the weight, overhead installations run the risk of falling parts and pinching injuries. If the door is not installed correctly, individuals may be trapped inside the building, which can lead to injuries or even deaths. Put your safety in the hands of an expert so you can avoid potential hazards.

2. Security

Safety is always the top priority when installing anything. However, the secondary concern with an overhead door is ensuring that your home and businesses are secure from intruders. When a door is installed improperly, it is much easier for robberies and invasions to occur. In addition, gaps and spaces can create an easy access point for potential robbers. A professional can also help you avoid door opener hacking.

3. The Elements

Safety and security are essential when it comes to doors. The next concern is the elements. Improperly installed overhead doors allow the elements to enter your building. This means that water damage and other issues can easily occur. In addition, when a door is installed improperly, water, ice, dirt, mud, and other debris can easily enter through gaps and cracks.

Mud and dirt can easily scratch your vehicles and be tracked indoors to harm your carpets and floors. Water can damage stored items. Water can also freeze, creating ice which can cause slip and fall injuries. Protect your property and have a professional install your garage door to keep the weather outside where it belongs.

4. Experience

You wouldn't want a grocery store clerk operating on your knee any more than you would want your surgeon trying to fix the electrical in your home. The same is true for your overhead doors. A professional who has the training, knowledge, and experience to install overhead doors will save you time, money, and a lot of stress.

Hanging an overhead door is a job that requires many hands. It is also a job that is best completed by hands who are trained and have the experience to do so safely. If you are looking to hang an overhead door anytime soon, hire a professional to keep you safe, keep your property secure, and keep the elements out.