Business owners should do all they can to make public places safe. But unfortunately, they don't always take the time to do so, and dangerous conditions like unmarked steps or spilled water can make falls and injuries more likely. If you've been injured while at a business or in a public space in Houston, TX, you can call a slip and fall lawyer who will help you build a case and get compensation for your injuries. Let's explore how much your case might be worth.

Ask a Houston, TX Slip and Fall Lawyer: How Much Is My Case Worth?

The compensation people receive for a slip and fall accident varies greatly. While someone with a minor injury might get nothing at all or a minimal amount, a person who is permanently disabled is likely to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars. This money will help to cover their current and future medical bills, lost wages, the loss of earning capacity, and incidental expenses. It can also compensate them for their pain and suffering.

Your Current and Future Medical Bills 

If you have insurance, some of your medical bills are likely to be covered. However, certain treatments might be excluded or you might have to pay a part of the bill yourself. A good personal injury lawyer can help you compile all your medical bills and estimate how much your treatment will cost in the future, so you can get the right level of compensation.

Because injuries aren't always immediately obvious, filing a lawsuit right away might not be a good idea. In Texas, the statute of limitations is two years, and most experts recommend that you take at least two to four months to figure out the extent of your injuries, especially if you're very unwell in the weeks after your fall.  

Your Loss of Wages and Loss of Earning Capacity 

Not all slips and falls result in serious injuries. However, around 5% of people who fall down break a bone, and 22% of people have to stay away from work for more than 30 days after the accident. Depending on your job, you might be covered by your employer, but if you're not and you're losing money while you can't work, you can get compensation from the responsible party. The amount depends on the length of time you can't work and your usual wage.

While wage loss is quite simple to calculate, the loss of your earning capacity might be more complex to determine. Sometimes, people who slip and fall can no longer go back to their regular job or they can only work part-time. With the help of a good lawyer, you can prove that the loss of your earning capacity is due to your accident. You might receive tens or even hundreds of thousands if you're not able to go back to your full-time position in the foreseeable future.

Pain and Suffering 

The quality of your life is likely to decrease after a serious injury. You might be in constant pain, and participating in activities you used to love might no longer be possible. Although there is no easy formula for calculating pain and suffering, you can provide evidence, such as witness statements and diary entries, that prove how much you are affected by your injuries on a daily basis.

Incidental Expenses 

Some of your expenses won't fall into any of these categories. For example, people who are severely injured often have to drive to their doctor's office or hospital several times a week, so they need to pay for gas and parking. They might also need to change their diet or other daily habits. Such expenses can be added to your compensation.

Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer? 

In the US, one out of every four elderly people falls each year, and around 20% of these injuries are serious. Despite the prevalence of falls in our society, most people will never receive compensation, even if they were injured due to someone else's negligence. If you're worried about the financial consequences of your fall and you'd like to get compensation to pay for your bills, you'll need to speak to a good Houston slip and fall lawyer.

They will first ask you to go over what happened, so they can evaluate whether you have a good case. If so, they will help you determine how much compensation you should ask for and gather more evidence to support your claims. With the help of a lawyer, your chances of success are much higher because they can put together a strong case for you.

Unfortunately, slip and fall accidents are common in Houston, TX, and they are often caused by unsafe conditions such as unmarked steps or uneven and slippery floors. People who have been injured and are suffering can ask for compensation from the negligent party. You might receive money to cover your medical bills, your lost wages, your pain and suffering, and additional expenses.